Dr. Asif Iqbal is a highly Gifted and enthusiastic Teaching andresearch with enormous experience in training of young graduates to analysing clinical research data to support medical input provisions. Prepare them to prove their expertise in clinical and scientific therapeutic areas to bring high quality and efficient scientist. Provides input in the areas of concept development, product strategy, and evolving clinical strategies to become good pharmacologist and clinician as well.


Ph.D    Treatment of Hepatitis C                                                                                              

M.Phil. Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine                               

BEMS    Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery                                                                          

FTJ     Fazil-e-Tibb wa Jurahat National council for Tibb Islamabad        



•    Gold Medallist from Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology (PSG) 2009

•    Gold Medal from Shifa-ul-Mulk Academy    2012

•    Gold Medal from Govt. of Sindh 2016

•    Life fellow, Pakistan Association for Eastern Medicine.

•    Member, National council for Tibb (Publication Society & Tibbi Pharmacopeia) of Pakistan.

•    Life Member, the Qasmi Educational Society of Pakistan.

•    Member Hamdard University Research Committee.

•    Member, National council of Tibb Pakistan Publication Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Government of Pakistan, 2001- Present.

•    Member Editorial Board, Pakistan, Qasmi educational society, Karachi, 2004- Present.

•    Member Tibbi Pharmacopeia National Council for Tibb Islamabad

•    Over 23 years of Solid teaching Experience in medical science practice.

•    Extensive knowledge of clinical research, device/drug development process, regulatory requirements, good clinical practices, human Pathophysiology& diseases.

•    Demonstrated project management ability and established track record of basic or clinical research.

•    In-depth ability to think analytically, process scientific and medical data, as well as the ability to multi-task.

•    Possessed remarkable ability to work and make independent decisions, understand complex medical information, and able to take the initiative to lead projects and assignments.

•    Sound ability to coordinate and motivate independently to the medical graduate.

•    Uncommon flexibility and ability to manage simultaneous priorities, changing deadlines, and limited resources.

•    Ability to develop maintain concentration,increase memory and regularity in their life.

•    To enhance the quality of institution create the academic and research environment, innovation, research publication, project management.

•    M.Phil. Thesis Title

•    Clinical Study of Herbal formulation Hepotin Tablet and Vironil syrup in treatment of Hepatitis C, Asif Iqbal thesis in Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine Hamdard University Karachi, ,2005.

•    PhD Thesis Title

•    Effect of herbal Formulation Hepotin Tablet on Viral Quantification in Hepatitis C patient.


Professional Experience

•    Chairman Department of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Hamdard University, Pakistan.
•    Registered Consultant physician (Registration No. QBH-00003) with National Council of Tibb, Pakistan on 2012.
•    Consulting physician Taj Medical complex, Hamdard University Hospital Karachi
•    Consulting physicianKaram Medical centre, North Nazimabad Karachi
•    Consulting physicianAnjuman Medical Complex J.block North Nazimabad 
•    Consultant physicianFarouq-A-Azam Medical centre K-block North Nazimabad 
•    President Pakistan Research Institute of Eastern Medicine (PRIEM) Karachi
•    Member Central Research Committee of Hamdard University
•    Member PharmacopeiaNational Council for Tibb Islamabad

Medicine and  Allied Sciences