What is IIMAN Institute?

IIMAN is an Institute of Integrated Medicine and Applied Nutrition. 

It was formed with the objective, to enhance Professional Health Care Outcomes with the State of Art Health & Medical Management Systems. 

It is imperative to include all aspects of Human Life to achieve diversified integrated strategies. There are four main aspects of human health namely:

o  Physical, Emotional, Social & Spiritual.

We in IIMAN focus in the development of Holistically Trained Community-Oriented to address the diversified wellness of human health. We desire to create orientation and awareness among  Medical Practitioners with the meaningful Integration of Conventional & Energy Medicine Sciences. 

This in depth Orientation will help the professionals to address multi-disciplinary disease, subject to all the levels of human existence.

As the name suggests the component of applied nutrition is an integral part of IIMAN, We intent to address the importance of food and nutrition in the human life.

What is Integrated Medicine?

The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine defines Integrated Medicine as:

“Integrative Medicine is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person. It makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing”.

Diseases are caused by mismanagement of the following:

o Physical
o Bio Chemical
o Spiritual

Integrated Medicine establishes expanded approach towards Treatment Methodologies where the treatment is not only focused to help the patient from disease recovery but additionally facilitates the subject to recover the intrinsic Health, destined for durable satisfied life.

Integrated Medicine Health Care Professional, in reality is a Health Care Service Provider that due to expanded knowledge would be able to hold the principal wholeness, health, illness and curative strategy in such a way that after the therapeutic process. Patient would feel healed at the level of feelings with objective betterment in Biochemical, Hematological and other Relevant Investigational Processes related to Diagnostics & Prognosis.

What is Applied Nutrition?

Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” 

Applied Nutrition is the branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that regulates food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. Nutrition is the science that expounds the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food. Nutrients give our bodies instructions about how to function. In this sense, food can be seen as a source of "information" for the body. Many researchers now believe  that diseases-such as type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers - were caused by a single gene mutation, they are now generally attributing these conditions to a network of biological dysfunction. And the food we eat is an important factor in that dysfunction, in part because our diets lack the necessary balance of nutrients (Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2004). The development of heart disease can be triggered by multiple factors like insulin resistance, elevated homocysteine, oxidative stress, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, heavy metal toxicity, stress, and inflammation. Each of these factors can be influenced by nutrition and each, in turn, impact our nutritional needs. This applies both to the prevention and treatment of these factors (Textbook of Functional Medicine).

Eating is life’s most important activity besides breathing and sleeping. Foods have milder degree of therapeutic properties but the nutritive properties are stronger as compared to herbs and medicines. The therapeutic knowledge of the indications and contraindications of various foods was a legacy of Greek Medicine and other traditional healing systems.  Jon Kabat Zinn, psychologist and author of multiple books said:

"For the most part, we eat with great automaticity and little insight into its critical importance for us in sustaining life and also in sustaining health."

Food gives energy but believing in the slogan of “faster is better” food is eaten for convenience and not for health. Marion Nestle, a New York University nutritionist, recommended that:

"Eat less, move more; consume plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains; and avoid too much junk food."

 Michael Pollan's in his  book, In Defense of Food  recommended as follows:

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly  plants."

The busy and stressful schedule prevents from nourishing our body and soul. In stress the sympathetic system is activated which puts the digestive system on hold, so that many vitamins and minerals cannot be broken down or released. On the other hand glucose is released in excess resulting in excess release of Insulin and cause cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. In the Cephalic phase of digestion the body starts preparing for breaking down and absorption of nutrients and if our mind is occupied and not fully aware what we are eating the conveyer belt of digestive system responsible for rhythmic movement in digestive tract fails resulting in failure to breakdown and absorb nutrition 

T. Colin Campbell described the relationship between diet and disease in “The China Study” by saying:

 "If you want to be healthy, change your diet."

In last 30 years we kept debating “good” and “bad” food and all the efforts remain focused to avoid bad food neglecting the fact that failing to eat may affect our health rather than avoiding bad food only.

Our Vision

To Revive the lost science of Natural Healing through Integrated Energy Medicine.

Our Mission

IIMAN is committed to train health care professionals with holistic approach.

We need to prepare individuals who can combine both Conventional and Energy medicine concept and Philosophies.

Our graduates must be competent in the diagnosis and treatment of patient with the new advances in health sciences and technology.

We like to create awareness among community to identify the need of healthy nutrition and healing foods.